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What you get

Five Gins, mixed drinks and cocktails

Over the two hour tasting, you'll receive five samples of Scottish gin, served neat. We have such a wide variety of styles in this country, that it would be remiss to not give you the opportunity to smell and taste the differences between the five served to you.

If you're not used to drinking straight gin, don't fret! You'll also be served a mixed drink such as a G&T, or a delicious cocktail with each gin too, that you can add your neat sample to. This is a great way to showcase the different ways to enjoy gin, and how versatile the spirit can be.


What you'll learn

History & Science of Gin

As with everything we do at the Drinks Lab, our gin cruises are all about teaching you something new, as well as giving you tasty things to drink.

Your cruise host, Greg, a graduate of Plant Science, will take you through the different fruits, flowers, spices, barks and roots that make up each spirit, as well as some fascinating stories from gin's incredible past.

We also often venture into the science of gin production, how we perceive flavour, and various other tidbits we find interesting. Just make sure you stop us if we get too geeky!


More Info

Price & Dates



Β£39.50pp for a two hour tasting.



Cruises start and end at Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. You'll receive a map directing you where to go upon booking.



Cruises only run on specific dates through the year. Click below for our calendar of availability. If the date you want isn't there, there's no cruise running.


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