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Gin Explorer


A monthly gin tasting where we tackle a different topic each time, from gin styles to regions of Scotland or further afield – the perfect way to explore the world of gin!

The gin boom in the last ten years has been remarkable, and with it we now have a fantastic choice of gins from all over Scotland and the world, and an equally impressive choice of mixers, garnishes and ways to enjoy gin.

However, with over 500 gins in Scotland alone, this can be quite daunting even for gin connoisseurs! How do we decipher the wording on the bottles, see through the marketing speak, or figure out what gin really is in amongst the host of (slightly) juniper flavoured spirits?

Most importantly, how do we get to try as many as possible without spending a fortune on bottles?

This is where Gin Explorer comes in – it’s a perfect way to find out more about particular styles of gin, different regions around the world, and try lots of lovely gin for a fraction of the price.

Whether you are just starting out on your gin journey and want to demystify the vast amounts of information available, or a regular gin drinker who would like to explore new producers or styles, or if you’re a gin expert and want to join fellow juniper lovers to share great gin and debate the intricacies of production or history, we’re here for you!

Each month we’ll discuss a new topic, right from the basics to a deep dive into Old Tom gin and everything else you can think of. You’ll also get to bottle your own minis from the ones your sampled or from our excellent Scottish gin collection.

  • Five drinks
    • A welcome Gin cocktail
    • Four samples of gin, each with a different mixer