Gin Cruise – 30th July

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Ginepraio Gin Raspberry & Guava Sour

  • 50ml Ginepraio Gin
  • 30ml Guava juice
  • 20ml Lemon juice
  • 20ml Raspberry puree*

Blend a punnet of raspberries with a small amount of water until smooth, then pass through a strainer to remove seeds. Add sugar to taste.

Foghouse Gin Apple & Basil Fizz

  • 50ml Foghouse Gin
  • 20ml Apple Juice
  • 20ml Lemon juice
  • 20ml Basil syrup
  • Top with sparkling water

*Add 300g sugar to 300ml boiling water and stir until dissolved. Add one packet of basil and leave to infuse overnight then strain out solids. Makes approx 400ml syrup, will last a week in the fridge, or add a shot of vodka/gin to increase shelf life to a month.

Farmhouse Gin & Fever-Tree Ginger Ale